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Develop Aspiring Leaders

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Plan for Your Organization's Future

Aspiring leaders are people that want to be developed; they are continuous learners. They thrive from an environment with opportunities to learn, grow, and improve their leadership skills. As a current leader in the organization, think about what the future needs of the organization may be. How can you prepare new leaders for future leadership positions? To retain your most talented employees, and create a consistent and reliable culture of leadership, we coach them on the leadership skills that need improvement. A leadership development program can make succession planning at your organization simple.

Many new leaders are high performers, excelling in their current roles, yet haven’t experienced training in core leadership skills, or “soft skills,” such as:

To support new leaders in these areas, some organizations choose to create a leadership development program to support succession planning. A formal process can be put in place for developing leaders, that may include leadership development retreats and different learning tools. Some organizations keep the process more informal using mentors and regular one on one conversations to develop their new leaders.

When creating a professional development plan, it’s especially important to get the aspiring leaders involved in problem solving and decision making that current leaders are experiencing. By partnering aspiring leaders with current leaders, real-life experiences can be used for new leaders to practice and study. Being exposed to those aspects of leadership help the aspiring leader develop leadership skills they would be otherwise unable to see.

6 Steps to Develop Aspiring Leaders

Reward Mastered Skills

Monitor your aspiring leader’s progress and when a new leadership skill is mastered, recognize and reward the new leader. Individuals generally like to be recognized and rewarded in different ways, try to be as personal and specific as possible. If you are using or creating a formal new leader development program, incorporate regular reward and recognition into the program plan.

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