Achieve a positive communication outcome

Frame your words well.

Key Words at Key Times


Communication is critical to the wellbeing of individuals within an organization and to teams. We have access to many communication tools not available to us in previous decades. Email, text, social media, virtual conferencing, team apps, phone and face to face interactions are all combined to form rich opportunities for communication. The different methods of communication have not changed the primary function of communication. We want to send a message that will be easily understood and interpreted correctly.

Words matter in the effective communication of a message. Just as grammatical errors send certain implied, negative messages to the receiver, so do the words we choose or the length of the communication. Certain words or phrases convey specific messages. For example, what do you gather from this message: “Why didn’t you finish this? It was due Friday?” Could the communication be more effective with different words? How about: “What challenges did you face with the project? Are extra resources needed? How can I help you avoid being late with project completion?” Language can build a barrier between people or help create more opportunity for engagement. How do we do the latter?
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