What Characteristics Produce an Effective Leader?

Leaders model the way and lead with confidence and competence.
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John Maxwell’s Law of the Lid explains that leadership ability is the lid that determines a person’s level of effectiveness. Today’s guest, Nannette Johnston, believes it’s true; people can only rise as high as the lid of their leader. Not only does she recognize the importance of professional development for herself, she knows the importance of building leadership in others. Nannette is an award-winning, retired Superintendent from Hardin County Schools in Kentucky. She was awarded Superintendent of the Year and continues to provide expert training and support through on-going leadership development programs. Under her leadership, the district developed and implemented the Work Ethic Certification Program which serves as the state model.

This podcast episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What three leadership skills are most important for executives to have to help their teams achieve results?

  • When you work with new leaders, what do they reveal as their most pressing leadership development needs?

  • How has Nannette achieved the success that has led her to be recognized as an outstanding leader?

Failure is the First Step to Success

“Leaders are always afraid of stumbling and falling and what that will look like to others; and sometimes I think that’s the greatest example for a leader, is to fall and show what happens when you fall and get up and keep moving and you’re better for it.”

– Nannette Johnston

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