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There are three ways we communicate with one another. It is surprising just how much or how little impact each one of these methods has on one’s willingness to trust us and make a human connection.

Albert Mehrabian, a social scientist, conducted research and found that certain behaviors associated with communication make a bigger impression on people than others. These behaviors have been sorted into three dimensions, we call communication cues: Verbal (our choice of words); Vocal (our tone or attitude when we are speaking) and Visual (how we look when we are speaking; not only our body language, but also what is our face saying and what our are eyes saying).


These simple words can be spoken using verbal, vocal, and visual cues that can lead to various interpretations.

The inflection you put on the words, as well as your body language, all have an impact on the interpretation of your meaning. Often times, non-verbal communication cues speak louder than anything we say. It is important for our verbal, vocal, and visual cues to demonstrate our desire to help.


Review the dimensions of communication below and reflect on the message your cues might be sending.

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