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Transform Culture with Communication

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What makes employees engage, commit, and connect with their organization? Leaders that listen and use feedback to transform the culture of the organization. Today's podcast guest, Tim Hire, Superintendent of Schools at Tulare County Office of Education, reminds us that there will always be plenty of work to do — make sure it's the right work. If your organization doesn't live by its values — that's a great place to start. Listen as Tim shares the process their team used to develop core values and break down silos to truly engage employees.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can we increase organization-wide commitment to our core values?

  • What work is the right work for leaders to prioritize?

  • How do feedback and communication play a powerful role in defining values?

Be Better Today Than Yesterday

“What’s happening is that a larger portion of our organization is really getting in touch with our core values, what we stand for, understanding the importance of our reputation and the quality of the service that we provide. And doing so with a rejuvenated level of commitment and pride. That is coming, I think, from including them in the feedback, but also, bringing down the walls of the silos that existed in our organization… We are really starting to think as an entire system across our organization and not bits and pieces of a system.”

– Tim Hire, Superintendent

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