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Manage Disruption: Adjust Quickly & Communicate Transparently

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Some years are more psychologically challenging for leaders and employees than others. At the same time, disruption can be our greatest innovator, and we've all learned important lessons from challenges that we carry with us into the future. In this podcast episode, Ocean Springs School District Superintendent, Dr. Bonita Coleman, and Janet discuss balancing the burden of keeping people safe with the responsibility for student achievement.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How does communicating transparently better support employees, students, and families?

  • What is key for leaders to be successful in this environment?

  • How can we handle disruptive situations more thoughtfully?

People Have Limits

“I think on a personal level, I’ve learned that there is an end to the pitcher… at some point the pitcher is empty, and you have to refill. I did not always subscribe to that mentality. I’ve always thought… strong, resilient, throw it at me, we will be okay… but I think Covid and this whole pandemic has really taught me there are some limits to that, especially personally. And that if you don’t have that time to really refill or replenish yourself personally, you can not lead, especially in this type of highly, highly, stressful environment.”

– Dr. Bonita Coleman

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