Use Pause to Lead with Relentless Resilience

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The Power of Pause

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Looking around, we recognize that our normal has changed and continues to change. Leaders have great responsibility within the organizations to inform, influence, and make decisions that set us up for an even better future. To do this requires leaders to be resilient, every day. Building and maintaining resilience requires intentional awareness, focus, and development. It takes practice, reflection, and more practice. As we build the mental exercise routine to become resilient, it always begins with a pause. When we are faced with chaos, unexpected decisions, or new challenges, it’s always helpful to lead with a response, rather than a reaction. In the Studer Education blog below, Leader Coach, Sabrina Hebeler, describes the power of pause and a simple tactic to help you get started.

The Power of Pause

I was once asked by my Studer Education coach, Dr. Janet Pilcher, if I could give one piece of advice to other executive leaders what it would be. Ironically, without pause, I stated "To learn and understand the power of pause." The power of pause is an essential component of building and maintaining our resilience muscle.

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