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From Strategy to Success
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Our strategic plans help us understand our bigger focus and the mission our organization sets out to achieve. By using specific routine meetings and progress monitoring tools, leaders can bring their strategic plans to life. This process increases each employees’ understanding of the most important actions to take to achieve our annual goals. Regular, clear communication about our most important metrics drives our team decisions and adjustments. The From Strategy to Success Guide supports teams in the breakdown of strategic plans into manageable improvement cycles focused on the measures that matter most.
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The Hard Stuff
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Ultimately, leaders want individuals and teams within their organization to be successful. We do our best to recruit and retain top talent and ensure they have the tools needed for success. To maintain high performing cultures and team morale, sometimes the leader’s role also requires that we have difficult conversations with toxic or underperforming individuals. The leader is the only person who can address poor performance, and when we don’t, our team may suffer the consequences. The Hard Stuff Guide supports teams in addressing performance issues and letting go of problem employees.

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Recruit, Hire, and Onboard
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Attracting the right talent, conducting interviews, onboarding new hires, and retaining employees is key to the success of an organization. In competitive job markets filling open positions with top talent can be a challenge. Once teams put time and effort into interviewing and onboarding, turnover can be costly to the organization. The Recruit, Hire, and Onboard Guide supports teams in recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retaining the top talent in their organizations.

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Setting the Right Goals
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The long term and short term goals we set drive our daily actions within the organization. If we lose focus on what matters most, it is likely we will not achieve our goals. Clear, measurable goals communicated consistently with all individuals in the organization inspire employees to be successful. The Setting the Right Goals Guide supports teams in building a focus around what is most important and executing on those actions with our greatest potential.

EILA # (Kentucky use): 20 EIL 2119
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