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When you first experienced ownership of a home or a car, you likely remember the excitement and enthusiasm and the strong desire to care for your newly acquired possession. Owners have an innate sense of responsibility and accountability to the core mission of an organization. Owners care always and connect their personal identity and worth to the work of the organization.

Ownership is more than employee “buy-in” or lack of resistance when change or barriers bring stress. If you own your organization as an employee, you are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish goals and live out the mission and you experience great satisfaction and pride when the organization succeeds, just as you would celebrate the success of a child or spouse. Owners are in for the long haul and will do whatever it takes to achieve the goals. They bring their best every day and own it personally at all times, no matter what.

High-performing organizations want to fill their employee ranks with owners and effective leaders seek to recruit employees who exhibit ownership, while at the same time strategically developing ownership in current employees. Fortunately, there are several leader best practices that can be acquired and developed that result in increased capacity of leaders to find, hire, and retain owners within their organizational ranks.


Leaders maintain a laser focus on ownership behavior by displaying it and acknowledging it in others. It is important for leaders to:

  • Live like an owner. Employees and stakeholders watch what the leader does ALWAYS
  • Lead employees to develop and implement Standards of Behavior or Standards of Excellence
  • Reward and recognize displays of owner behavior to maintain a constant focus on “what right looks like”
  • Hold those who lack ownership accountable for their behavior and constantly seek to help them become owners


Grow Owners

Owners are deeply committed to organizational performance. They often take personal responsibility when things go wrong and immediately begin looking for solutions. This is the type of behavior organizations seek to replicate. To grow owners in your organization, find ways to deliberately and publicly highlight displays of ownership behavior in others.

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