Recruit, Hire, and Onboard


Attracting the right talent, conducting interviews, onboarding new hires, and retaining employees is key to the success of an organization. In competitive job markets filling open positions with top talent can be a challenge. Once teams put time and effort into interviewing and onboarding, turnover can be costly to the organization. We can reduce this risk by creating a culture that attracts the best talent, an onboarding process that is memorable and continuous, and continuing to make connections with current employees to build relationships and evaluate their levels of job satisfaction and engagement. When an organization’s culture and values are weaved into hiring and onboarding, both the potential candidates and the organization will benefit. The Recruit, Hire, and Onboard Guide supports teams in recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retaining the top talent in their organizations.

EILA # (Kentucky use): 20 EIL 2150

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