What makes you happy?

Combine purpose and passion to increase employee satisfaction.

Maximize Happiness at Work

Most employees start work with passion, excitement, and willingness to take on new challenges. Over time, some employees may find themselves in a rut, dreading going to work each day. Individuals don’t always connect how the work they do daily leads to meaningful outcomes. When employees focus on the impact that their responsibilities (no matter how mundane) have on the organization’s results, they’re more likely to feel better about their time spent working.

Passion comes from within, it’s intrinsic motivation that keeps pushing people to improve and achieve. Our journey to this point is filled with experiences that have made us passionate about certain topics. Because we all have different experiences, we all connect to our purpose and passion differently. It’s difficult to be happy at work if employees aren’t connected to the organization’s purpose. As leaders, it’s critical to work with employees to link their job roles with the mission of the organization and their internal passions.

Answer the following questions to reflect on what makes you a happy, passionate employee, and what areas can be improved. Then follow the steps below for maximizing your happiness at work.
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