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Reignite your goal champion's will to succeed.
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Collective Willpower to Succeed

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A leadership team has the unique responsibility of championing the goals of the organization. They are owners, motivators, and typically highly engaged with their work. However, we know there are highs and lows in every organization’s life cycle, and how leaders bounce back from the lows is what is most significant. A demotivated employee is far less productive, but a demotivated leadership team is contagious and can destabilize your entire organization. Does your leadership team need to reconnect to their inner goal champion?

Reignite Ownership

Feeling like you have tangible goals and that these goals are relevant to the entire organization’s success engages individual leaders. It makes them feel they matter and are part of the big picture. “To improve individual accountability at your organization you must do all you can to create an ownership mentality throughout the organization” (Studer, 2007, p.198). We often talk about the need to own our work and take ownership in the wellbeing of our organization, but what does that mean? A leadership team is only as strong as their collective willpower to succeed. Leaders must be made to feel they own their work in order to become invested in their organization, only by doing so will they see this behavior reflected in the people they lead. If ownership is lacking, disengagement is also likely amongst your leaders. There are ways to bring them back to a productive state.

Defining outcomes and metrics at both the organization and leadership level creates high engagement, and therefore ownership. When your leaders can measurably see exactly where they fit into the bigger picture, they become motivated to be part of the movement and this inspires them to champion the goals. In addition, having the support of other leaders will bring confidence in their ability to perform and collaborate effectively. Supported leaders become actionable leaders.

There are several ways to ignite or re-ignite ownership and consequentially improve the engagement of a leadership team. Below are tactics used to turn unmotivated leaders into organizational goal champions.

3 Steps to Build Collective Willpower

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