What Does it Mean to be Authentic?

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Becoming an Authentic Leader

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As a leader, authenticity increases the likelihood that those we lead will believe us and follow our requests. Becoming an authentic leader is not necessarily easy, but the concept is simple. People can be committed to and passionate about something, but this by itself is not enough. Authenticity is more than believing in what we say or acting in a way that is consistent with our beliefs. We are most inauthentic when our actions are self-serving. Sometimes people who lead with strong beliefs can be inauthentic when they always see their way as the right way. During this podcast episode, Janet connects to the foundation of authenticity: self-awareness. She offers 6 actions to practice if you want to become an authentic leader.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What does it really mean to be authentic?

  • Why is self-awareness work necessary for authenticity?

  • How do self-serving actions negatively impact the team?

What Drives Your Behavior?

“By becoming self-aware we temper our actions to achieve results that align to meaningful motives. Authenticity stems from our ability to make meaningful connections with people. People connect to us when they see solid motives that are inclusive of them.”

– Janet Pilcher

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