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Think Like a Customer

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We all view experiences from our own perspective. As employees we are often thinking about our side of the work. To be a successful organization and ensure customers have the best experience, it can be useful to view your organization from a customer’s point of view. Customer service is what distinguishes businesses, offices, online distribution, schools, hospitals, post offices, etc. The research is clear, and it tells us the quality of service received while purchasing, and after a sale, is what brings customers back to organizations.

Improve the Customer Experience

To provide world class customer service, an organization must have a plan that is executed throughout the organization.

  • What can customers expect when they interact with your organization?
  • What employee behaviors should the customers always see?
  • How can we consistently deliver the same service to all customers?
  • How can we go above and beyond our service expectations to impress customers?

Thinking from the customer’s perspective, analyze the organization from the first interaction with the customer through the last.

  • Where are the obstacles?
  • What can your team do to improve the customer experience?
  • How can you anticipate and prevent customer problems?

Improve processes that impact customers. If the customer is impacted in some way by the process, the process should be as close to great as you can get it. Organizations are criticized heavily about their interactions with the customer. In the digital world, one negative review or comment can get the attention of thousands. Focus first on processes that touch the customer.

You can get customer insight on the things that matter to them by simply asking them. External customers want to feel valued and to trust you are providing the quality service based on their needs and wants. Customers can inform organizations about service quality, areas for improvement, and decisions that affect them. Engaging customers in conversations focused on their needs communicates your concern and commitment to the customer.

Think about where opportunities exist to offer additional support to customers.

  • Can you send them reminders about upcoming appointments, deadlines, or opportunities?
  • How can you make things easier for your customers?
  • How can you elevate the level of service your organization provides the customer?
  • Are there milestones when you can send a card or celebrate with your customer?

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