Collecting feedback is just the first step

Using customer feedback is the key.

What Do We Do With Customer Feedback?

When we engage our customers in the process of gathering feedback, we are asking for their time and input. What we do next with the data can determine if they will continue to provide us with input and do business with our organizations.

How do you feel when an organization you conduct business with asks for your opinion, yet nothing ever changes, or you don’t even see the results of the survey? You may wonder if the organization is worth your time, or your business, for that matter. Now think about how you feel when an organization thanks you for your feedback, implements a suggestion you’ve requested, or reduces friction within the user experience? It’s likely you feel a greater sense of satisfaction, pride, and like the organization cares about you personally.

Gathering feedback from our customers is the beginning of a continuous process. Next, we determine what are doing with the information we collected? Are we just checking off a box, we surveyed customers, and moving on to our next task? For an organization to benefit from listening to customer feedback it’s essential to analyze and implement the information and ideas we receive. Consider analyzing your most recent customer feedback with the questions and tips below.
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