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Embracing the Customer Experience

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The way people learn today is continuously evolving, and with the rise of technology people expect answers at their fingertips. The life of a professional skill is much shorter today than it was in the past. Mandy Gagliardi, the Senior Media Manager on our team joins Janet today to share the way she focuses on the customer experience to guide her work. As we design our digital learning system, Mandy listens to our partners and develops solutions for us to make their lives easier. Our team understands we are not only meeting the needs of today’s learners, but we are also anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s learners as well.

This podcast episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What has changed about the way people want to learn?

  • How did we overcome barriers and shift our approach in response to customer demands?

  • How do we anticipate customer learning needs as we plan our future system adjustments?

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“One of the greatest ways from the people-perspective that we’re anticipating the customer learning needs is by working with our experts who are out there in the field listening to what our customers are saying every day.”

– Mandy Gagliardi, Senior Media Manager

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