5 Ways to Lead and Work Differently

Create an organization focused on continuously learning.
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How Can We Build Strategic Agility for Continuous Change?

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A leader's most important challenge is to keep the organization from falling. To remain good, or even great depends on how we roll strategy, people, and service into how we approach leadership in the next decade. As change becomes ongoing and more complex, a traditional strategic plan will no longer suffice. To continuously improve and continuously adapt to change we need a fluid, dynamic, agile strategy and a workplace focused on continuous learning. Listen as Janet shares 5 ways to lead and work differently as learning organizations of the future.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What will it take to create the right learning organizations of the future?

  • Why is traditional strategic planning no longer effective?

  • How do we revolutionize our ways of doing business to continuously change and evolve?

Continuously Transform the Organization

“The modern strategic plan sets the stage for building assertions, testing those assertions, and making continuous changes and systematic improvements. Strategic agility requires teams to engage in continuous learning – by doing so teams create and refine the organizational strategy. Strategic agility then reinforces the need for us to create learning organizations.”

– Dr. Janet Pilcher

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