What Makes Customers Loyal?

Recognition of their ideas and problems.

Listening to Customer Feedback

We often hear stories about organizations who go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. From accepting a return at a department store that didn’t even sell tires to simply providing unexpected cookies, we see stories shared across the country that become unforgettable in people’s minds. These moments happen because an organization exceeded customer expectations. When we are able to do this, we create reputations that attract more customers and talented workers.

Customer service in some form is usually a core value or principle for most organizations. Whether the primary focus is to provide a service, like in education, or to sell a product, customers expect to have a good experience and additional support when needed. Service is a differentiator between an organization and its competitors, again, whether price is a factor or not. To be an organization that generates and retains loyal customers, we place a high value on service. As a result, we listen to customer feedback and analyze that information for opportunities for improvement. We can’t improve what we can’t understand, therefore we listen.
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