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Great leaders are curious leaders. Curiosity makes us more aware, opens our minds to new possibilities and solutions, and leads to better communication between people and teams. In this podcast episode, Dr. Janet Pilcher discusses why curiosity is critical in our workplaces and what we can do to increase our curiosity.

This episode answers questions such as:

  • How can curiosity transform our leadership?

  • What do curious people do that sets them apart?

  • What are key characteristics of curious leaders?

Self-assess your curiosity level

“Is my attitude inspiring or do I want to make others tear their hair out? Do I think less of myself or think of myself less? Am I willing to raise my hand and say ‘I don’t know; please explain’?’ Am I driven to grow and develop to mature into a better version of myself? How do I make decisions, and how will my decision-making process influence the outcome? How does my presence influence others? Am I willing to learn and unlearn? Am I a good person at the core, and are my values compatible with doing the right thing? Do I put the mission or the team first, or am I the first thing I think about? Do I offer creative solutions and do they add value?” 

Dr. Janet Pilcher

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