Vulnerability is a Strength

5 ways to model vulnerability.

Leading with Vulnerability

For years, people have felt the need to “shut off” or conceal their emotions in the workplace. More recently, we’ve started to recognize the important role emotions can play in our organizations. Effective leaders tune into the emotions of their employees to provide support, motivate teams, and create deeper connections between individuals.

A substantial number of studies have proven that humans are in fact social creatures who crave relationships and connections with other human beings. Studies have also found social connection has significant impacts on our health and wellness. Our strong desire for social interaction even persists through our increased use of technology and social media. Although we might seem “more connected than ever,” the truth is this is not the type of connection we seek. We are really looking for one-to-one human connections.

When we think about vulnerability, we may wonder how this emotion could possibly play a role in our workplace. We often associate vulnerability as a weakness, rather than realizing it is a necessary key to unlocking connection with team members, innovation, and creativity. Vulnerability is a vital emotion in our workplace; responsible for facilitating our connections with others. When employees feel cared about, they are more likely to feel included, stay with the organization longer, and perform better.
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