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Utilizing social media platforms is a natural way to enhance transparency. On a personal level, people use social media to connect with others and stimulate conversations. In time, organizations have recognized the many benefits of using social media to humanize their brand and connect with their communities. If you’re wondering why using social media is critical for organizations, research reveals a lack of transparency on social media leaves 86% of people likely to choose a competitor. In this podcast episode, Charleigh Kennedy joins Dr. Janet Pilcher to discuss how organizations build relationships with their community using open, honest, and authentic communication on social media.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How does an organization decide what they want their personality or brand to be?

  • What does it look like for organizations to be transparent on social media?

  • What does lack of transparency from an organization look like on social media?

Humanize Your Organization

It takes a lot of time to build a brand on social media. It’s not gonna happen overnight. Nike didn’t wake up one day with 8 million twitter followers. They had to find out who they were as a brand and do it on purpose.”

– Charleigh Oberto

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