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Scorecard as a Living Document
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What is a Scorecard?

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An organizational scorecard is an annual blueprint for success. In this video, Dr. Melissa Matarazzo describes the components of a scorecard and how the scorecard process supports success.
  •  Why is the organizational scorecard considered a blueprint for the year?
  • How does a scorecard help organizations get clear about goals and actions and achieve success?
  • Why should we consider the organizational scorecard a “living” document? 


Hi. I’m Melissa Matarazzo and I’m a leader coach with Studer Education.


While I’m now in my 5th year coaching in organizations around the country,


I have the great benefit of being an executive leader at multiple organizations prior to this current position.


An organizational scorecard is the blueprint for key activities and outcomes in one year.


The organizational scorecard crisscrosses along those strategic priorities that are most important for us in our organization.


Within each of those priority areas, the organizational scorecard has three component parts.


We start with the annual success metrics. Those outcomes that we want to see at the end of that given year.


These are written as SMART goals. They need to be measurable, ambitious, reasonable, and they are time-bound to the year.


We then are focused in on each of those outcomes we seek to achieve. We delineate the key actions, the strategic actions we will take to achieve those outcomes


Then, and perhaps most importantly, we identify the right measures that will help us monitor progress throughout the year.


By monitoring progress throughout the year, we can adjust our actions if we aren’t achieving results. Or double-down on those actions that are really helping us to get closer to our outcomes.


The organizational scorecard, as a blueprint for the year, is a living document and while we might set it out and be very thoughtful and intentional in capturing our key strategies, the outcomes that will mean success to us, and the ways in which we’ll measure progress along the way, while we’ll do that at the beginning of the year, the scorecard document should live throughout that year to get us ever closer to the outcomes that matter most.