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What Does Ownership Mean?

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Those who practice ownership in an organization make a lasting impact. In this coaching clip, Nannette Johnston explains why attention to and recognition of ownership is important when moving organizations forward.
  • Why are owners so critical to organizational success?
  • Can you identify the owners on your team?

Hello. My name is Nannette Johnston, and I am a Leader Coach.

I have 25 years of experience in leading organizations, and today we are going to talk about ownership.

Let’s start by talking about, in a personal way, something you own. For example, a home. So, if you’re an owner of a home, think about how you take care of that home. Inside and outside.

Inside you are doing things to make sure that your home is going to last a long time. You’re doing things to make sure that your home stays nice. On the outside of your home, you’re doing things that give you pride in your home.You’re also doing things that make your home appealing to the neighbors that live around you, people that drive down the street, so that people want to live in that neighborhood. They want to be a part of that neighborhood because of they way you keep your home.

Let’s look at that now as it compares to an employee that works in your organization. Let’s look at someone who is an owner and has the characteristics of an owner in your organization. What you might see from that employee is that both inside and out, they take the time to grow and develop as an employee in that organization. They want to be the best employee they can be, not only for their own self-satisfaction, but because they contribute to that organization and the vision and the mission that drives that organization. Other people want to be around that owner – that employee- because they make them better as well, and they make the whole organization better. That’s the employee that’s going to do whatever it takes to get the job done to the nth degree.