Innovation Can Be Small

Challenging times call for creative solutions.
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Innovation is Easier Than Changing the World

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With disruption comes opportunities to innovate, and innovation is easier than you may think. The reality is, it’s a matter of looking at doing things effectively and more efficiently. Even a downturn or negative situation can be an ample opportunity to innovate for teams and organizations. We often get paralyzed by thinking innovation needs to change the world. In this podcast episode, listen as Quint Studer shares his perspective on playing small ball and the innovative thinking that leads to the creation of a sense of place and a vibrant community.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What can we do to have a creative breakthrough when we feel stuck?
  • What kinds of questions can we ask to help spark innovation?

  • How can we tackle solving upcoming challenges creatively?

Innovation is Creative Problem Solving

“The reason people get paralyzed with innovation is because you think you need to change the world. It’s okay to have small innovations. It’s okay to play small ball because that’s what life mostly is. You make these small little changes that eventually add up.”

– Quint Studer

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