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Develop Your AIDET®

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In a first meeting with a customer or new partner, there can be a sense of anxiety about what to expect. Building a relationship begins by introducing ourselves in a manner designed to reduce that anxiety. The AIDET® format communicates key messages about ourselves and what to expect, as a first step in establishing a positive relationship and experience.


For this case scenario, you have arrived for your first consultation with a new customer team. While you have planned with the team’s executive leader by phone, there are many additional team members present, who only know that the organization has chosen to work with you. Script the AIDET® that you think would ease the team’s anxiety and communicate your expertise.



How can you:
  • Show positive attitude?
  • Make people feel that you know them?
  • Put them at ease and make them feel comfortable?


How can you manage up yourself?
  • Job title
  • Certification, licensure
  • Years of experience, range of experiences


How can you communicate:
  • How long will this take?
    • Today’s work and future work?


How can you explain:
  • What you will be doing and why?
  • What should they expect?
  • What is the plan for the future?

Thank you

How can you:
  • Communicate gratitude


Ask a critical friend for support. Read the case scenario and ask your critical friend to provide feedback about the effectiveness of your AIDET® in reducing anxiety and establishing confidence in your expertise.