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Who Hears What When?

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Change is continuous, and it's likely that it will never stop. To respond well to change, leaders intentionally send consistent, transparent messages to their stakeholders. In this podcast episode, Dr. JoAnn Sternke reminds us it’s not just the message, but how the message is communicated that matters. Listen as JoAnn shares how you can use a communication framework to help you create clear and simple communication that builds trust.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can we artfully respond when we’re asked questions but don’t have the answers?

  • What can we do to build high confidence with our community that we’re on the right path?

  • When the inevitable happens how can leaders respond?

How Will You Execute the Message?

“Leaders are spending hours in meetings making decisions, and realistically they are spending an equal amount of time messaging that decision– then hours putting words to that plan. And sometimes you just get sloppy about exactly what you’re talking about because you’re tired—you haven’t thought through the cascade. In reality, that’s one of the most important parts—when people hear what.”

– Dr. JoAnn Sternke

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