How Can Departments Work Together?

When we focus on collaboration, we all win.
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Make Silos Disappear

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Crisis times expose who we are and what we’re made of. For those who have committed to relationships and the process of improvement work, crisis times can be an opportunity for an organization’s strengths to shine through. Leaders in Waukesha County exemplify this—having a foundation that has helped them thrive despite disruptive circumstances. In this podcast episode, Waukesha County Executive, Paul Farrow, and Waukesha County Director of Parks and Land Use, Dale Shaver discuss how their county has committed to data-driven decision making and collaboration in the face of disruption.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can we find the right balance when it comes to communication— and not go overboard with it?

  • How can leaders work with their people to identify silos in the organization that should be eliminated?

  • How can partnerships with other organizations help leaders in their re-entry planning?

Community Issues Transcend Departments

“I’m proud that the groundwork has been laid that we are now breaking down silos and really working on county-wide objectives regardless of what your daytime job is. It’s really putting people in the right seats at the right time.”

– Dale Shaver, County Executive

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