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Create patterns of positive communication by managing up.
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Examples of Managing Up

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Managing up is a communication practice that allows us to paint ourselves, our co-workers, and our organizations in a positive light. Consider how these examples of managing up can be translated and utilized by your team and organization.


Kelly is going to lead the initiative. I have every faith that she will drive results in the direction were moving toward with your help and support as valuable parts of this team. . .


We’ve seen several positive trends in results since we created more urgency in that area, and I’m not surprised because we have a great team! Jill continues to exceed my expectations in her role. I’m looking forward to the highest levels of excellence in all things we do because I know you’re all capable of that!


Hello, Susan. I understand you will work for us in the medical clinics with Matt and his team. I’ve worked with him for the past seven years, and he is very good at listening to or answering employee concerns. You’ll be pleased with the leadership and coaching you’ll get from him…


Hello, Mr. Warner. It’s nice to see you again. I want to take you to the meeting with Mr. Smith. He has been our guidance counselor here for 5 years. He is one of the best and has helped many students with special needs like your son, Sam. I know he will be able to answer your questions and make a plan…


I understand you will be transferring to the Fourth Unit for the remainder of the year. Mr. Samson is the lead of the Fourth Unit and has been there for 8 years. Mr. Samson and the team are experienced at serving customers and achieving results. I know you will like the team and collaborative atmosphere…

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