Using the responses to questions and compiling themes from all workgroups, the Reopening Leadership Team creates a reentry plan. This plan should serve as a high-level overview. The details behind the plans will be in divisional and department plans. The Reentry Plan is used as a reference point to answering questions that employees, students, and families may have about the decisions that are made for how schools will be managed. Use information in the template as a guide to assist the team in creating the plan. Use the headings provided or create ones that are most significant for your district.

District Reentry Plan Template


  • Purpose of the Plan
  • Outcomes of the Plan
  • Communication of Plan
  • Use of Plan

Overall District Health and Safety Prevention

  • People Expectations
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Other

Emergency District Health and Safety (When Someone is Sick)

  • Processes for keeping people safe
  • Other

Emergency Response and Communication Plan

  • Internal
  • External

School Schedules and Procedures

  • School Structure
  • Classroom Structure
  • Cafeteria Structure
  • Transportation Stucture
  • Entering and exiting buildings (employees/students/parents/vendors/etc.)
  • Other

Workplace Schedules and Procedures(Non-School

  • Office Structure
  • Entering and exiting buildings
  • Eating/Breaks/Etc.
  • Other

Instructional Delivery

  • District Expectations
  • School Expectations
  • Other

Student Assessment

  • Data collected to assess students
  • Process for serving struggling/failing students
  • Other

Special Populations(Students and Employees)

  • Accommodations
  • Support
  • Other


  • Students and Faculty
  • External stakeholders
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Other


  • Design transportation alternatives to align to schedule
  • Other

Human Resources

  • Hiring processes
  • Supporting employee well-being
  • Other

Other Areas

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