Sad v. Forlorn: How accurately do you describe your emotions?

Improving your emotional intelligence could save your life.

Sharpening Emotional Intelligence

The classic view of emotions goes back to Plato, Hippocrates, and Aristotle. Emotions are thought to be a brutal reflex, fighting on occasion with our rationality. After nearly a century of scientific effort, researchers can’t find a consistent physical fingerprint for even a single emotion. When electrodes are attached to measure a person's facial movements while experiencing an emotion, there is tremendous variety, not uniformity, in the results.

“Where emotions and the autonomic nervous system are concerned, four significant meta-analysis have been conducted in the last two decades. The largest of which covered more than 220 physiology studies and nearly 22,000 test subjects. None of these four meta- analysis found consistent and specific emotion fingerprints in the body.” (Barrett, 2017). That’s right. Emotions are not hardwired and are not universal!

So, how do we sharpen our emotional intelligence?
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