Customer care means doing your job, right?

Maybe not.

Exceed with Delight

Customer service, service excellence, customer care is about how we welcome, greet, assist, and solve an issue with a customer. Who are customers? All of us have internal customers. These are the people we work with to achieve performance levels for success. Then, we have external customers. The individuals or groups that we depend on to have loyalty to our organization and to continue to come to us to fulfill a need. Customer experience is the sum of all contact, from first discovering and researching a product or service, to shopping and purchasing, to using the product/service and following up with the company/organization afterwards. The experience is a journey for our customer and our organization must approach customer care and the plan for customer care in the same way.

Customer service is what distinguishes businesses, offices, online distribution, schools, hospitals, post offices, etc. The research is clear and it tells us the quality of service received while purchasing, and then after a sale, is what brings customers back to organizations. How we interact with our clients and customers and allowing them to become partners in our efforts is paramount to quality service that will be remembered. When we do this effectively, we move from service to DELIGHT. How can we delight our customers? What does it mean to take this next step in customer care?
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