What's the most efficient way to get the job done?

Align your organization with current best standards.

Documenting a Current Best Standard

"By choosing the right best practice, enacting it, and making it consistent, we get much better results. We won't be implementing actions just for the sake of doing something."


Documenting a current best standard (CBS) captures the best way we know how to execute a process. A process is simply the steps of an action, such as the route you drive to and from work, the proper way to save a document, the right way to transfer a customer, etc. The act of documenting and implementing a process turns the process into a standard the whole organization will follow. A current best standard is the most efficient and effective way of getting a process done. Organizations can improve by adapting best standards used by other departments and even outside of their own organization. Best standards are tried and true methods that are used and relied on to get the task completed. To create a culture of high performance best standards must be harvested and available for the entire organization to use.
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