Get in Line

How to achieve organizational alignment.

Changing Course with a Bobsled

Picture this scenario: you are representing your country in the Winter Olympics as a member of the bobsledding team. You and your team have trained hard as a unit, and although one of your team members felt to be just slightly off his jump during last week’s training, you ignore this seemingly minor fumble and feel the team is now ready to face your competitor. The first race day arrives and, as captain, you give the running start with the explosive push necessary to provide the perfect burst of acceleration – propelling your team forward towards the finish line. Just as you are sure you’re ahead, the team member who fumbled at practice last week leans ever-so slightly to the left, breaking alignment by a split second, and your opponent wins by 0.07 seconds.

What really happened here and how does this apply to work-place Olympians?
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