Key words for the critical first days of a new hire.

Two conversations to retain new team members.

30-Day and 90-Day Conversations

Leaders make the best decisions by building trusting relationships and gaining input from others. Most people we supervise want to do a good job and feel successful. To build relationships, some of the best leaders intentionally make solid connections with their employees. This is especially important when employees start a new job. They are anxious and learning the culture of the organization. Research shows that up to 22% of turnover takes place within an employee’s first 45 days of employment, and up to 40 percent of employees who leave their jobs do so within the first 12 months on the job. These statistics confirm that it is important to focus on the first 90 days an employee is with your organization. In many ways, the leader serves as their primary mentor and coach during the first 90 days. The 30-Day and 90-Day Conversations help us to effectively engage with our new hires.
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