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The Ritual that Keeps People Aligned

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Routines provide structure and comfort within our teams. Rituals go beyond providing structure to instill a deeper meaning behind a sequence of actions. As we continuously navigate change, we need structure to reduce people's anxiety and increase their confidence. People need to know their work has purpose and is worthwhile in helping an organization achieve results. Today, Janet shares one of the most important rituals we can instill in our teams along with 6 suggestions to consider.

This podcast episode answers questions such as:

  • What behaviors and actions do we need to include in our work environment to move routines to rituals?

  • How can we keep everyone in our organizations informed and aligned to achieve the goals?

  • Why is the daily huddle a critical ritual for our team?

A ritual for every team

“I will always do daily huddles and do them virtually. By doing so we are asking our teams to allocate 20 to thirty minutes each day to make a connection with all of their team members, know what’s important on an ongoing basis, and quickly adjust when needed.”

– Dr. Janet Pilcher

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