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The Behavior That’s Holding Leaders Back

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It seems sometimes there are no easy decisions. It can be uncomfortable for us to lead in a place of uncertainty. However, as this podcast guest explains, leadership isn't comfortable. When faced with a crossroads of choosing character over comfort, most leaders will say they choose character. However, subconsciously we are often choosing comfort. In order to create better organizations and communities, we’ll need to embrace the discomfort of doing what’s right. In this episode, Quint Studer and Dr. Janet Pilcher discuss examples of the subtle behavior of choosing comfort and what it takes for us to overcome it.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • Where are some common areas that we get stuck choosing what’s comfortable?

  • How can we build the courage it takes to make decisions that stem from character, not comfort?

  • What’s at stake if we aren’t willing to embrace the discomfort of making the right decisions?

Silence is Acceptance

“If we aren’t courageous enough to say ‘that’s not appropriate’ or ‘that’s not right’ or ‘how do you feel about that?’, we’re never going to create a better community.”

– Quint Studer

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