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Roll standards out in small chunks.
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Standard: Teamwork and Collaboration

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Once standards of service excellence are created, it is important to share them with all employees. In this video, Waukesha County Executive, Paul Farrow takes a chunked approach to introducing the standards. He reminds county employees of all the standards, describes two of them in detail, and explains that teams will engage in training to support incorporation of the standards in daily work.

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  • When introducing standards of practice, why is focusing on one at a time helpful for the team?
  • How might this approach work in your organization?
  • If your organization has had standards of practice for a while, how might reintroducing or focusing on one standard a month be beneficial?  

Hi! Paul here! You’ve been hearing about our new Standards of Service Excellence for the last few months, and shortly we’ll be rolling it out in the training sessions.

Remember, the new Standards are an update to our county core values.

We’re going to start off with the first standard of “Teamwork and Collaboration”. By working together, we can achieve greater things than we can when we’re working alone.

We want to strive to collaborate with an open mind, respect the ideas of others, seek mutually beneficial solutions, and display confidence in our own work and in our colleagues.

This month, your department will be conducting a meeting to discuss and exercise how teamwork and collaboration can be demonstrated in day-to-day work that you do.

So, I expect to hear from your supervisor soon.

Next month, we’ll focus on Ethics and Diversity. So you’ll get to see my smiling face again in one of these videos. And thank you for helping Waukesha County lead the way.