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The value of the scorecard process.
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How Do We Achieve Team Success?

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How can our teams reach the goals we set out to accomplish? What does it mean for our teams to be successful? Using the right metrics to track progress and engaging teams in conversations to problem-solve are keys to helping us get there. In this podcast episode, listen as our host Janet Pilcher discusses tools and tactics to help our teams reach our goals and be successful.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How do we apply a system to continuously review our progress?

  • What are the key ingredients for implementing a short cycle improvement process?

  • What questions can we ask our teams to help reach our goals?

The Key to Team Success

“We know as a team we need goals, we need some measures attached to those goals, we need some actions – strategically what are we going to do to achieve those measures that helps us achieve those goals? – and then we need results because we need to know how we are doing, and when we get those results we need to make adjustments. It’s an iterative process, it just continues…and helps us stay energized and motivated.”

– Dr. Janet Pilcher

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