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Build trust and loyalty with pre- and post-service calls.
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Exceed Expectations with a Phone Call

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In today’s ever-connected world, it is critical for organizations to create positive service experiences that build a base of loyal customers. With the reality of viral posts and comments, organizations can’t afford to let customers down and for a negative experience to be shared with millions across digital platforms. A traditional phone call can completely change the way customers view their interactions with your organization.


A pre-service phone call is made at least 24 hours prior to the service experience. During this call, the caller should not only confirm that the customer knows the time of their service appointment and the location but use key words to convey gratitude and excitement to the customer about the service. The pre-visit phone call ensures directions and parking information is clear, and the caller manages up both the organization and the service provider.

Pre-service phone calls reduce customer anxiety and help the organization deliver better service. Providing relevant information and answering questions up front supports the best use of employee time and productivity.

Impact of Pre-service Phone Calls
Pre-service Phone Call Sample Key Words

Confirm appointment

Ms. Smith? Hello. This is Richard, from Shine Services. I am calling to confirm your appointment scheduled for tomorrow at 9 a.m.

Explain appointment and why it is important

Ms. Smith, this appointment will ensure your system continues to run smoothly.

Explanation of procedure and pre-service requirements

The service will take approximately 25 minutes and won’t require anything from you ahead of time.


I wanted to make sure you have clear directions for getting to us. Our building sits behind the red brick building on Main Street.

Payment review

The total cost will be $200 and we accept all major credit cards.

Answer questions

Is there anything else we can help with, while we have you with us? Are there any questions I can answer before you arrive?


Post-service calls are proven to improve service outcomes, positively impact the customer experience, and foster customer loyalty. Post-service calls are phone calls made to specific customers within 48 hours of their service experience. Post-service calls can be made to new customers and customers who expressed anxiety during their service or confusion with any follow-up instructions. Post-service calls are an integral extension of an organization’s commitment to provide the highest levels of customer service.

Post-service Phone Call Sample Key Words

Care and concern

Ms. Smith? Hello. This is Richard, from Shine Services. How are you doing today?


Are you happy with the service you received this week? Is everything working well?  

Reward and recognition

While you were with us, did any particular employee provide excellent service? We’d love to share any highlights.


We want to make sure you are delighted with the service we provided. How was your experience with us?

Process Improvement

We are also always looking to improve. Do you have any suggestions about what we can do better?


We are grateful that you chose us for your service needs. Is there anything else I or the organization can do for you?


  • Decide who will make the calls.
  • Inform all team members of the new phone call practice.
  • Create and share a script with those who will make the calls. Practice using the script.
  • Determine whether all customers or specific customers will receive post-service phone calls.
  • Identify any tools needed to implement the phone call practice.
  • Share stories with the team that highlight the impact of the phone calls.

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