What Can I Say About a Team Member's Transition?

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After They’re Gone

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When the time comes to make the hard decision and remove an individual from the organization or the team, we recognize this transition has effects on other individuals in the organization. To avoid assumptions being made, rumors from spreading, or unnecessary concerns about job security, it's important for leaders to acknowledge the transition. While we may not be able to explain all of the details, we can ensure our team's morale is not harmed and communicate as transparently as possible. The Society for Human Resource Management provides examples in the article below for communicating with employees after a colleague departs.

Management Tools: After They're Gone

You've just informed an employee on your team that he or she has been terminated. What you do next is important to the morale and the productivity of the rest of your team. Whether the termination is due to a position elimination, poor performance that hasn't improved despite remediation efforts, or an egregious action that warrants immediate dismissal, the affected employee's co-workers will have questions.

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