Convene your leadership team and any others selected to respond to the three questions. Use the answers on the first two to guide your thinking. Create the three most likely scenarios to discuss pros, cons and implications. These responses will guide your leaders on how to make decisions and how to communicate when decisions are made.

1) Identify and Develop

2) Align to Possible Scenarios 

3) Consider the following:

  • Pros (consider learning and operations)
  • Cons (consider learning and operations)
  • Implications

Identify and Develop

1. Identify driving forces that are causing the organization to change. (The big shifts that have occurred with COVID-19 and how it affects the organization).


2. Identify the critical uncertainties in front of us. (Determine the two to three most significant driving forces).  
3. Develop possible scenarios and identify, pros, cons, and implications at a high level. (Some initial scenarios are provided based on current knowledge. Use these or modify these scenarios and if you’ve been provided with a scenario start with that one.)  
Possible Scenarios

Pros (consider learning and operations)

Cons (consider learning and operations)


Back to School with Social Distancing/CDC Guidelines




Back to School all Virtual




Back to School in Normal Environment, Back to School Early or Late Start, Back to School with Parent Choice (virtual or in school).








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