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1. Customer Experience vs. Customer Service vs. Customer Care

There are a lot of ways to care for and interact with customers, but they don’t all mean the same thing. This article provides insight into three elements to build a customer base that will return for more.

Companies are pouring more resources than ever before into building a strong customer experience, and many expect to soon compete on experience more than price or quality. But what about customer service, and what is the difference between customer service and customer care?

2. Defining Service Excellence

In this video, three principals in Warren County Public Schools describe how they engaged stakeholders to define the district’s Actions of Excellence, gather feedback on the standards, and roll them out to all staff.

3. Standard of the Month Email

This email message is an example of an organization’s process for highlighting one standard each month and clearly connecting the behavior to the workplace.

4. Unmistakable Value

In this podcast episode, Dr. KK Owen and Dr. Janet Pilcher discuss how leaders in the NIA have established a culture around amazing service and unmistakable value.  

5. Inspiring Customer Service

In this video, Ross Shafer describes how Maria Garcia took ownership of customer experience and amazed him with a soda. 

6. Service Excellence Self-Assessment

Try this electronic version of the Service Excellence Self-Assessment tool.

Building excellent customer service habits can be a challenge for teams and organizations. Those who succeed in establishing service practices that exceed expectations gain loyal customers who will recommend the organization to others.

7. Be the Model

When leaders model the standards, they send a message about the importance of the values. This exercise helps to identify gaps in modeling standards and expectations for your team.

Organizational values create a foundation of beliefs that guide expected actions. Our values are the basis of decisions, practices, policies and procedures.

8. Every Person, Every Time

During this podcast episode, Dr. Janet Pilcher describes the 4 steps to ensuring the best service for every customer. 

9. The 5′- 10 ‘ Rule in Practice

This video demonstrates the importance of acknowledging those around us. Greeting our colleagues and customers is one of the most basic ways to leave an amazing impression. 

10. Handover vs. Handoff

This video explains the difference between handing over and handing off a customer.

11. Email Efficiency

Use of email protocols that promote efficient use of time and information reflect high levels of respect and service. This tool contains some simple guidelines to get you started.

12. Exceed Expectations with A Phone Call

A traditional phone call can completely change the way customers view their interactions with your organization. This tool outlines a process for pre- and post-service phone calls.

13. Support Services Survey Setup Request Form

We look forward to partnering with you to gather valuable feedback to drive amazing service in your organization. Complete the survey setup request form to begin the process of setting up your Support Services Survey.

14. Customer Connection

Use the questions to guide a customer connection conversation. Record customer responses and reflect on the experience.

Why are external customer connection questions important?

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15. Stoplight Report

Stoplight Report – 9P Platform

The Stoplight Report is a way to communicate how ideas, concerns, and barriers are being resolved. Items added to the Stoplight Report might be collected during check-in conversations, team meetings, or a process audit. The Stoplight Report is shared to keep the team informed of priorities for improvement and progress.

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